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By Paul Bibby
Sydney Morning Herald, My Career, page 3.
Published: June 30, 2007.

Head start Having a university degree remains a strong indicator of success in the Australian job market. Graduate Careers Australia's 2006 survey shows that, in April of that year, just over four out of five bachelor degree graduates were employed full-time.

Average salary The vast array of occupations open to university graduates means that the starting salary range is fairly wide. Dentistry graduates remain well out in front with an average take-home pay of $1307 a week. The average wage for all graduates in their first year of employment is $769 a week.

On the way up The future looks bright for those with degrees in dentistry, engineering and optometry. The Australian Jobs Report 2006, produced by the Department of Employment and Workplace Relations, indicates that salaries in these fields are rising and will continue to do so.

Hot prospects With China consuming Australia's coal and iron ore faster than we can mine it, graduates in the areas of geology and mining engineering are in high demand. People with degrees in education and social work are also sought after.

Sources: Australian Jobs Report 2006,, Graduate Careers Australia's annual survey of graduates, 2006.

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