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Shortage in Graduate Jobs Advertised
Published: April 01, 2007.

Having completed a recent survey of graduates currently looking for the first step on the corporate ladder, we found that one of the main problems a university graduate faces is finding a job when they complete their degree! Over 87% of graduates search for graduate positions on the internet, however there is an extreme shortage of graduate jobs advertised for the 220,000 graduates that leave university each year.

On the majority of Australian job boards today, a position will be advertised as ‘ideal for a graduate’ or ‘an entry-level position, excellent opportunity for a graduate.’ Unfortunately, the next part of the advertisement is what disheartens a graduate- 1-2 years experience is required.

Jane Campbell, a recent graduate from the University of Sydney claims that as a graduate with hefty university bills, she had no way of getting the 1-2 years experience. Jane was at university full-time, studying, holding a part-time job and then trying to fit work experience around what spare time that she had.

‘I don’t know of many university students who had the opportunity to get years of experience whilst they were studying. A lot of us are living out of home to be able to go to university, and now have to compete for entry-level positions with people who have experience,’ Jane said.

When speaking to various graduates, there seems to be a common theme of experiencing a vicious circle when applying for jobs. Graduates apply for a position that claims to be entry level, but then they can’t get an entry level job because they don’t have any experience, but they can’t gain any experience until somebody gives them the opportunity. The worst part about it is that these jobs aren’t actually for graduates! is the perfect place for graduates to begin their job hunt. Not only are all the jobs advertised just for graduates, but with organizations that are actually looking for graduates advertising the positions!

As many graduates would have never been to an interview before, there are various advice and help pages for them to find out everything you need to know before you attend an interview and how to prepare yourself. As well as that they can also create a graduate resume to be kept on file that can be sent out when you apply for a position. As a jobs board created by graduates for graduates, understands that not all graduates are experienced in job hunting and the challenges they face.

From a survey of recent university graduates, we have found that is the key for Australian graduates to reach their full potential and find the right career and position for them. With some of Australia’s largest company’s advertising their graduate positions online, graduates should be excited about the arrival of Australia’s first graduate jobs board.

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