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Preparing your Resume

In order to be successful through a screening process, it is important to follow specific guidelines when preparing your resume. As you may notice above, there is a section where you can create a resume that is suitable for a graduate.

This section is specifically designed with helpful tips on how a graduate resume should be correctly filled in and what information should be included.


When providing your details for an employer, you don’t need to include more than an inch of information. The most important things that need to be included are your name, address and your date of birth. It is important to remember to be open and honest about your date of birth. There is no point in hiding this information because if you are asked to attend an interview, the employer will find out anyway.


It is important that when you are filling out the profile section of your resume that you research the traits of the candidate. This information can usually be found by looking at the job description, calling the office and finding out what sort of person they are looking for, or emailing the advertiser. This shows that you are enthusiastic to find out more about the position as well as whether or not you feel that you are suited.

This could include someone with excellent communication skills, a logical thinker, someone with an alert and dynamic personality and strong influencing skills.

When writing the profile section of the resume it should be laid out in sentence format. This makes it readable and also gives the employer the opportunity to see your writing skills.

An example of your profile section could be:

‘I am a confident communicator with great structure and logic to my work. I’m also alert and dynamic and this combined with my influencing skills lead me to believe I would be excellent in a sales position.’’

It is important to use the exact key words that are included in the job description to show that you have paid attention to what the position includes as well as what the company is looking for.


It is important to remember that although you have a degree or diploma, employers will not automatically give you a job because of your qualifications.

Include your university/tertiary qualifications and what course and subject you studied.

When entering the amount of experience you have had, it is not necessary to include more than four jobs. In this section you should include four bullet points detailing your duties in sentence format.

In the job description there will be details of what duties will be included, so it is important to mirror the words from the description in your experience. You don’t need to lie, but relate your previous experience to the position you are applying for.

It is also important to remember that whether or not you have had any experience in the field that you are applying for make sure you include any other positions you have had. Most employers are happy to know that you have had a job because it shows that you have had responsibility and you have had experience interacting with other people in a work environment.

Work Experience 

It is extremely important to include any work experience that you have had whilst in school, TAFE or university that relates to the position that you are applying for. This indicates to the employer that you have taken the initiative to obtain work experience and have worked for free in order to gain experience.


It is important to mention any achievements that you have, whether it be in sport, academic or work. These achievements look impressi

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