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As shown from the graph below, there has been a steady decline in the salaries of graduates since 1977. Each year there is approximately 220,000 university students graduating and therefore the amount of people with university qualifications has dramatically grown since the 1970’s.

Although many graduates do receive these higher salaries, it is important that when you are deciding what industry and position is suited to you it is better to base your decisions on your academic qualifications and a position that you believe you will enjoy.

The misconception of graduates is that once they finish their university degree they will automatically walk into high paying position. However, realistically, graduates need to understand that in order to find the perfect position for them, progression into high paying and power positions within an organization will not be automatic. With hard work and dedication, the graduate will eventually reap the rewards.

    Figure 1.1- A decline in the median graduate salaries from 1977 to 2006.

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