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Writing Tips

• The job heading should be concise and clear. This is the original aspect of your advertisement that will catch the attention of the jobseeker. 

• When you begin to write the job description it is important to use simple language and avoid using complicated words. This may deter a job hunter because they feel as though they would not be ‘intelligent’ enough to apply for the role. In this case you are writing to the capacity of a university graduate.

• Use bullet points and short but informative sentences. If the sentences are too long you can often lose the interest of the jobseeker. By using bullet points you break up the big paragraphs with long sentences. 

• Emphasise that your company and the position is unique. The jobseeker wants to find something special in the jobs that they are applying for, something that makes it stand out from the rest. 

• Follow an order when you are writing your job advertisement. If your advertisement reads well, the jobseeker will read the whole advertisement. However, if the order of information is wrong, the reader will lose interest. Discuss the most important and appealing aspects of the position first. 

• Don’t forget to include contact details at the bottom of the page. This gives enthusiastic candidates the chance to find out more about your company and the advertised position.

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