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Writing Successful Job Advertisements

The most important thing to remember when creating your job advertisement is that your advertisement is what you are trying to sell to a prospective employee. The sole purpose of your advertisement is to attract graduate’s interests to your company by effectively and succinctly providing information about the position you are advertising.

For job adverts and recruitment purposes, the AIDA selling format is always an effective and proven system.

The AIDA system consists of the following:

• Attention- to attract the attention of the graduate job hunters. Attention is usually attracted by an attractive advertisement with a heading that makes the job hunter want to read more.

• Interest- the purpose of the advertisement is to obviously attract job hunters however you want the graduate to form an interest in your company and in the position advertised. This section is where you discuss what the graduate will be doing on a day to day basis. This is where you are enticing the graduate to work for your company.

• Desire- you want the graduate to want to work for your company. This can be done by restoring an amount of desire in the mind of the graduate. This can be done by discussing appealing aspects or the perks of the job.

• Action- this is where you provide the next step for the graduates to apply to the position. Make this aspect of the advertisement exciting- use phrases such as Apply now! Or don’t miss out! These phrases encourage the graduate to get moving and motivated.

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