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Interviewing Techniques for Employers

The most important thing to remember when interviewing new candidates costs you and your organization time, effort and money. In order to have a successful interview, there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your interview runs smoothly.

• Prepare an agenda for the interview- this includes the questions that you wish to ask the candidate and how you want the meeting to run. This will also keep the interview on track and will follow a set order.

• These questions should include those that give you an insight into their personal qualities. This includes the candidate’s attitudes, motivations, future aspirations and goals. The questions that you ask the candidate will determine whether or not they will mould to the company culture as well as whether or not they will be suitable for the position.

• When you are asking the candidate the questions, ensure that you ask open ended questions, those which require a yes or no answer. They will then have to give you examples and have a conversation with you. This will give you the opportunity to assess their communication skills.

• There are various questions that should not be asked in an interview. These questions are usually related to age, marital status, political/religious belief or race. Questions like these can be considered discriminatory, and more often than not, people will take offense. However, if you believe that it is an important factor, instead of asking how old the applicant is, you could ask them ‘Where do you see yourself in five/ten years?’ or ‘What are your   future career plans?’ Although you haven’t asked them their age directly, you have still found out how long they would be willing to continue to work

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