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How to Post a Job Advertisement 


To register as an employer you have to fill out the required fields including email and contact details.
Once you have received the email for confirming your registration, an employer control panel will appear for you.

Here you have the option to:

• Add your company name
• Company description
• Contact details
• Website
• Company logo

Creating Job Advertisments

In this section you can add the job title, a short job description, salary, job category, job industry and the job location. You will also have the option of adding your company logo so that it appears on the job advertisement.

Purchasing a Job Package

Once you have finished your job advertisement, it will appear in your Employer Toolbar under Manage Job Advertisements. If you want to publish this advertisement, you will be introduced into a section about which package you would like to purchase. Once the payment has gone through, your advertisement will then be published for the selected amount of time.

If at any stage you want to edit or add any information to these job advertisements then you just select the edit button in the Manage Job Advertisement section.

If you want to pause these advertisements this is also possible.
Once these ads have been published, there is a section in the Manage Job Advertisements called applications, where you are able to see the graduates who have applied to the positions.

When a graduate has applied for a position you will receive an email with their application, details and a resume. There is an option where you can shortlist, reject or accept their resume and then make contact with them through an email function.

Refund Policy

This site is operated automatically and once you have purchased any of our job packs and payment has been approved, no refund will be available. Your account will remain in credit until such time as all your job advertisements have been fully utilised.

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  How to Post a Job Advertisement


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